Earth-life should be a Thanksgiving

Every man, every woman on earth today is burdened with heavy debts, as the reciprocal effects or lawful returns or consequences of our wrong-doings in the past. Debts carefully nurtured for us and diligently kept away for us for settlement by us whenever the time is ripe.

Thus every human being comes to this earth bearing or carrying these burdensome debts on his or her neck which he or she carries around, oftentimes unknowingly, until they are ripe for settlement.

This settlement and a change in volition for the good alone guarantee ascent.

And it may happen in an earth-life or it may take several reincarnations before some particular debts are settled depending on the inner maturity, the volition of the individual concerned, the debtor.

But every debt incurred through thoughts, words and deeds must be settled, must be atoned for by no one else but the debtor before he can ascend. Irrevocably and compulsorily whenever the time is ripe and in well considered circumstances mercifully brought our way in the outworking of the just and perfect Natural Laws.

And in determining these circumstances, the level of inner maturity and the volition of the individual concerned, the debtor is the most crucial factor.

This then partly explains why every earth-life, every re-incarnation is a gift, a period of mercy granted by the Father the Creator and extended to every human soul to make good his past, redeem the heavy burden of debts hanging on his neck and which oftentimes he has been carrying around for several re-incarnations, usually unknowingly, cleanse himself by himself and free himself for ascent.

This is why we should treasure every earth-life, every reincarnation and be grateful for whatever experiences and circumstances brought our way. For they are mercifully brought our way in love.

For every experience must have been woven by ourselves and brought our way in love in the outworking of the Natural Laws as ripened fruit of our past sowing, our debt for redemption.

And for many human beings on earth today, false marriages, unsettled or broken homes, disharmonious and cantankerous relationships or unions may be the deserving circumstances for them to properly reap and redeem the burden of some particular past errors clinging to them.

Thus their false union with this or that particular human being for a while may be what they have woven for themselves and mercifully brought their way in love to help them. And at the appropriate time, the time will be up for such false unions for each to go his or her separate ways. Naturally.

At this point great care must be exercised by the separating couple so that no further debt requiring compulsory settlement later in future is incurred.

The most important of this great care is the adequate arrangement for the education and training, the well-being of other human souls, the children attracted to the earth through the collapsed unions or marriages, if any.

Banji Ayoola


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I am just a simple human being who wishes to recognize further the Will of the Lord and serve fellow human beings strictly in accordance with This. By profession, I am a journalist and I am striving to use the human word partly to actualize this volition. To spread honey, true joy and peace across frontiers and build bridges of love linking all human beings everywhere on earth into a single family united in the volition to make the Earth a Paradise swinging radiantly in the Supreme Holy Will of God.

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